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Extracting from Zip

Can X-plore extract files from a Zip file? Certainly it can. Yet some users are confused why they can’t find dedicated Extract files function.

X-plore can create Zip files, so obviously it can do the opposite.

So here comes the way how to extract from Zip (or Rar, or 7zip):

X-plore treats archives as kind of file systems, which can be browsed, folders opened and explored, actually entire Zip archive is treated as kind of folder containing files. So you can open the zip file and see what’s inside.
So now that it’s like file system where you can see folders and files inside, and mark them, you can also do things on the files, such as open them, rename, delete, and finally also copy them out to other location, which is equivalence to extraction.
For instructions how to copy files in X-plore, follow here: Copying files in X‑plore

And how do you copy/extract all files from a Zip file? The key is to first mark all files in Zip for copying, and then copy them out.