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Can’t write to external storage

Writing is not possible on external storage

Affected devices: Xiaomi phones, Sony Android TV

Reports from users revealed that some Xiaomi phones have by default disabled system Documents app, and for this reason writing to external memory card doesn’t work.

On Sony Android TV, manufacturer doesn’t include Documents app in system so the functionality is not available at all.


When X-plore (or other file manager) tries to write to memory card, it attempts to ask for access, but fails with error message like this:

Possible solution

Open system settings and go to Apps. Find application named Documents (on some devices the app may have name Files). You may need to enable to show system apps from menu. You may also filter to show only disabled apps, then you may find it easy. Then enable the app, and retry task in X-plore.

This is reported to fix the problem, if Documents (Files) app exists on device. If the app is not included, there may be no fix. You can search Internet to learn if more users with same device have the problem.