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Creating Zip

Zip can be created very similar way how copying files works.
You mark some files, or just work with current active folder, and click Create ZIP button.
But first you must make sure that other pane is set to valid target for Zip creation! Not all destinations are valid for creating a zip file. Generally, all local storage drives, and most network drives are valid folders for Zip file. If Create ZIP button is grayed, you shall to switch to other pane, and choose valid target folder. Then return back to original pane, and start zipping.
The dialog is very similar to those in copying files, but additionally you enter name of created Zip file (which will be preset to some auto-created name).
Additionally you are able to password-protect the Zip file by clicking a lock button and entering a password.
As with copying, you’re able to move files to archive (source files will be deleted after zip file is successfully created).
After you confirm Zip creation, the procedure is same as with copying, files are copied to a zip file.
Compression level
Compression is set automatically depending on file type. For already compressed files (jpg/mp4/…) it is set to no compression (“store”), for other files it uses maximal compression.