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No access to Android/data on Android 11+

Since Android 11, it’s not possible to open these folders in Internal storage or on memory card:

  • Android/data
  • Android/obb

This is part of Android’s increasing security, and is also mentioned on Android developer site.

X-plore tries to solve this by asking for special access as written here. You have to choose Android/data folder on device’s Internal storage, then X-plore should be able to read and write to these protected folders.

For memory cards, opening these folders may not work at all.

On various devices, accessing these folders doesn’t work for variety of reasons, such as modifications of Android made by manufacturer, missing system components, etc.
Often this won’t work on Android TV devices.


Android 13

On Android 13, it will ask permission for opening each individual sub-folder under Android/data
Folders can’t be created or deleted under data folder.