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Bookmarks and favorites

There are two ways how to make shortcuts to your favorite folders. Both these ways do similar thing, but a bit differently, so they got names Bookmarks and Favorites, and are described here.


Bookmarks is a collection of paths into some of your folders in any location (including remote locations). Bookmarks are accessible by configurable button in button bar (or by key press if configured). You can assign name to each bookmark to better identify it in menu. Names of bookmarks must be unique, that means no duplicate names.

You can add bookmark by first opening desired folder, then use the bookmark button to open a menu and choose Add current folder. You can also edit existing bookmarks, rename or delete them. Bookmarks in displayed menu are sorted alphabetically by their names.

Bookmarks work in two modes:

  • Simple: not associated with left or right pane. When you choose to open bookmark, it is opened in actually active pane. However, in cases where such path doesn’t exist in active pane, X-plore switches to other pane and finds bookmarked location there.
  • Two way: saving also destination path. Such bookmark has path fixed to left or right pane, and destination path set to other pane. This makes it convenient to switch to desired source and target paths in both panes.

You can choose the bookmark mode while adding a new bookmark – use the Save destination path checkbox.



Favorite folders are shown in top-level list just below drives. Each pane has its own list of favorite folders.

Favorites can be selected only from device’s internal memory or memory card. You can mark any internal folder as favorite folder. Do it by long-pressing on folder and choosing Add to favorite from menu. Removing from favorites is done in similar way.

Favorite folder shown in pane’s top level list shows the folder and its contents, and all usual operations can be made on files inside the folder. You can’t make operations on the favorite top-level folder, except of removing it from favorites, or renaming it – that means you can give the favorite shortcut a nicer name, but the real folder won’t be renamed.