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Possibility to donate in X-plore serves two purposes:

  • Your free will to appreciate the developer’s effort to work on this application and provide it for free
  • Use some of the premium features that you enjoy, which require payment

X-plore offers most of its features completely for free. This keeps one developer busy each working day, putting hours of time into making this application work, and adding new features. As motivation to do this, the developer has added the possibility to donate into the application.

So donations cover part of the developer’s living costs, providing part of his salary.

Thanks to everyone who paid for X-plore so far.

Buy item #1 (1 beer or Donut) to get rid of Ads forever.
Buy item #3 (3 beers or Bowl of fruit), or higher value, and unlock all app functions on all your devices, forever.

Why is payment asked

After X-plore became a mature free app, some features are being added as premium features. These features are built to make X-plore a really unique tool, and require lots of time to be invested into research, testing, and making them work properly.

That is why the developer decided to request payment for premium features for keeping his business and work alive. Since the donation system was already implemented and working well, and many users had already donated, the decision was made to charge for premium features using the same donation system already in place, so that previous donors could enjoy the new premium features.

There is no PRO version to buy, all purchasing of “pro” features is done by simply donating.

Following are premium functions:

  •  WiFi file sharing
  • Music player
  • Access from a PC web browser
  • SSH file transfer
  • Vault
  • Video player
  • PDF viewer
  • ID3 tag editor

Some functions provide limited functionality without payment (for example the music player allows you to play one track, the video player shows donate icon).


There are two tiers of payment: one that removes ads, and other that unlocks all premium functions.

Remove ads

Purchase item #1: 1 beer or Donut (whatever is available), and ads will be removed.

Unlock all functions

Purchase item #3: 3 beers or Bowl of fruit (whatever is available), and all premium functions will be available, as well as ads will be removed.

Additional purchases

If you purchased item #1 to remove ads, and later you want to get premium functions, it’s enough to purchase item #2 (2 beers or Chocolate), so that sum of purchases is 3.
You can of course purchase any item of higher value, and that will work to unlock premium functions.

How to pay

Payment for donation is possible from inside of X-plore application installed on Android device.
Click the donation button on the toolbar (the one with the gift icon) to show the dialog with payment.
Later you can find your donation summary in Menu → About dialog, from which you can also decide to donate again.

Your donation on all your devices

Once you donate, your donated items are shown on all your devices (using the same account) in the About screen, and premium features covered by your donation amount are unlocked for you on all your devices. There is no time limit, and you can enjoy X-plore for as long as the Google Play store will be functional.

Supported app shops

Currently X-plore supports purchasing from Google Play store and Amazon Appstore.

Your donation is not visible?

Read here how to recover.