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Restore purchase

You may get to situation when you donated (purchased in-app items), but X-plore doesn’t know about this and asks for donation again.
This happens occasionally on devices with multiple Google accounts, and Google Play store doesn’t handle this situation well.

Fast fix
  1. Open system Apps settings
  2. Find Google Play Store
  3. Under its Storage settings click the Clear data button and confirm
  4. Restart device and run X-plore
No worry, this won’t harm Play store, it will fetch all needed data again from Google servers.
It still didn’t help?

Try this:

  1. Uninstall X-plore (backup settings first if you wish)
  2. Open Google Play Store, then select your Google account at menu expanded from left side
  3. Install X-plore from Google Play Store
  4. Restart device and retry
App still installs under incorrect account?

Try to forget X-plore in Play store

  1. Uninstall X-plore
  2. Choose desired user account in Play store
  3. Click Manage apps & device
  4. Select Not installed
  5. Find X-plore in list, and click Delete button
  6. Switch Play store to correct account
  7. Install X-plore
This was Play store will forget association of X-plore with your unwanted Google account, and hopefully install/use it only from desired account.
Try X-plore User account

If you’re tired with these Play store problems, try X-plore’s user account. This will store the license on X-plore server, and will provide more stable check of your purchase.