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Startup security

Start password

X-plore can be protected by password, which must be entered at start of application. This is simple protection to avoid kids or friends to browse contents of your device and remote servers. However it is not meant to be strong protection for your device. For this purpose, use Android’s lock screen.

You can set or clear app password in Configuration.


Recover from forgotten password

If you forget password to enter X-plore, you can recover it by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or clear X-plore app data from system app menu.

This will reset password, and also clear all entries for remote servers, as well as other settings. In this case, this is desired function to do, so that possible attacker has plain X-plore installed with no saved settings.


Fingerprint scanner

On devices with fingerprint sensor, X-plore can use your fingerprint protection during start. This can be also enabled in Configuration.

ⓘ For this to work, your device must have enrolled fingerprint and set up secure screen lock using fingerprint scanner.


Remembered log-in

Once you enter X-plore using password or fingerprint, it won’t ask this again for several seconds after it goes to background. You can force to lock it again by Exit option from the main menu.