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User account

ⓘ This function was added in app version 4.35

Why user account

X-plore allows you to create a user account on its server.
The account is used for managing your purchased licenses (from Google Play store or Amazon Appstore), and use the license on your other devices. This works even if the device does not have configured the store from where license was originally purchased.
This allows you to share your licenses with various devices that you may own, or even with family members or friends.
The key is that you use the same X-plore user account on your connected devices. Any purchases made on any of the devices are backed up on X-plore server, and are made available to all connected devices.
Storing purchase information on X-plore server also helps in cases when Google Play store license checking have problems.

Creating user account

To create account, use Android’s system settings where accounts are managed (the settings screen is usually named Passwords and accounts or similar), and create X-plore account.
ⓘ On some devices where you can’t find such system settings, you can enter Login screen from X-plore: Menu > More > Tweaks > X-plore account.
You’ll be asked for your email address and password. If account for your email does not exist yet on X-plore server, you’ll be asked to create one. It is also possible to login simply by Google account configured on device, in which case you don’t need to enter the password.

When you’re logged in, you can manage the account from system Accounts settings, or from X-plore’s About dialog by clicking on User button.

In the account screen, you can see associated licenses. There is also possibility to log out of the account (without losing any information on the server), or delete your user account, in which case all backed up purchases will be removed from X-plore server.

If you create a new X-plore user account, and use email and password, that account is initially not enabled, and doesn’t do much until you confirm your email address. You have one hour since account creation to confirm your email, otherwise the unconfirmed account will be automatically deleted on X-plore server.
Once you confirm your email, the account will start working.
If you login using Google account, then such X-plore account is considered automatically as confirmed.

Note: the email address used for X-plore account can be different from the email used to purchase X-plore licenses.
Also the password on your X-plore user account can be any password, not related to your email accounts.

Utilizing your login on multiple devices

Let’s assume that you purchased X-plore license on one device (e.g. from Google Play store), and you create X-plore user account on that device. Your licenses will be synced to X-plore server.

Now you may want to use your licenses on your different device. You need to login to your X-plore user account from the other device. When you do so, your licenses will be visible on the other device. So all that is needed is the email address and password for your X-plore user account.

If you created the X-plore account using Google account, initially there is no password set on your account. In order to use that account on another device, you need to setup a password associated with the account. You can do that from the Edit account screen in X-plore. There you can also change the password.

Forgotten password

If you forget password for your X-plore account, you can reset it from the Login screen. You’ll get email with instructions how to reset the password.

Delete account

You may decide to delete the user account created on X-plore server. When you’re logged in, you can do this from inside X-plore in Edit account screen. Optionally you can ask to delete your account here, you need to enter your email address, and you’ll link that will delete your account.

What happens after deleting your X-plore account: information about your purchases will be removed from X-plore server. Your original purchases made on App store shops won’t be affected. You can still create new user account again.


You can learn how your data are handled in Privacy policy.