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Home screen shortcuts

You can make Home screen shortcuts to folders or files, so that some file is easily accessible from your Home screen launcher.

There are two ways how to add shortcut, one is from X-plore itself, other is form home screen launcher app.

Add shortcut from inside X-plore

Long-click on a file or folder, and choose Add shortcut option. Enter name of the shortcut in a dialog, and confirm.
Then it depends on Android version, either shortcut will be immediately created, or Android will show another dialog to confirm, or possibly you’ll be able to drag and place the shortcut on specific place on home screen. This depends on actual Android version, and can’t be further controlled by X-plore.
Finally shortcut will be placed on home screen.

Add shortcut from launcher

All launchers offer function to add a “widget” to home screen, this is typically available on long press on a free space on the home screen. From there, you can choose X-plore’s “Add shortcut” item, and continue in X-plore to mark desired file or folder, give it a name, and confirm. Then the shortcut should appear on Home screen.


Note: after creating, X-plore doesn’t have any influence on how shortcut is presented, or if it is deleted, moved, etc.
Launcher on Android TV devices typically doesn’t allow to create custom shortcuts, so this function may not be available on Android TV.