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Be careful about your data

X-plore is a file manager that can do lot of things. It can even delete your files, and you can lose some important documents if you make a mistake.

Developer tries to make X-plore to be safe to use, but you are the one that can can press the Delete button.

Occasionally some user writes to customer support with question “I moved some files, where are they now?”. Unfortunately it’s impossible for developer to know this, because there is not enough information.

Destructive operations are Delete and Move. If you just start to use this file manager, you should take special care to know how things exactly work. You may end with doing something unexpected, and your precious files may be deleted forever. X-plore contains trash folder, but only for internal device storage. Some cloud servers contain their own trash folders. But in general, deleted files are deleted forever.

Few advises how to avoid loss of data:

  • When moving files, try to move one file first to see how it works. When you’re confident that file really exists at destination, you can try to move multiple files at once
  • Instead of moving, you can first copy files, make sure that they’re really copied, then delete original files
  • Don’t keep just single copy of your very important files on a mobile device. Make backup on a PC or cloud storage
  • Get familiar with X-plore, try first non-destructive operations like opening files or reading documents, slowly try  operations that can remove files (move/delete) when you become more confident


That’s it. We’re sorry, but developer of a file manager app can’t be responsible for loss of user’s data. That’s so on every computer.