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Messages may be searched in Message list, and as you type, results are immediately shown filtered in the same list.

Searching is started by clicking Search button at top command bar. During search, another command bar appear, allowing to specify search area:

  • Subject – searching in message subjects
  • Addresses – searching in To/Cc email addresses and names
  • Message text – searching in message bodies (for this to work, message body must be downloaded on device)

Any combination of these areas is possible.

Search scope

All messages that are source for active Message list are searched. See Message list for details what sources of messages may be shown in the list.

Letter case and diacritic marks

  1. Upper/lower letter case is ignored when searching text.
  2. All diacritic marks are ignored during text search. So you can type just letters from base alphabet, and all letters with various diacritic marks will match the search.

Example: type “zwo” to match string “Zwölf” in searched fields.

Search algorithm

ProfiMail searches all typed words (separated by spaces), while last typed word is searched in wild-card manner, that is characters to end of found words are ignored (this allows to perform search as you type). Searching for text inside of words is not possible.
The order or adjacency of words typed in search bar is not relevant. Searching finds all messages where selected search area (subject/addresses/text) contain all typed words.

Global search allows to search in all messages currently stored in ProfiMail on device.

Initially the message list in Global search is empty. It is getting filled after you start typing text to be searched.