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Account configuration

To open Account configuration, open Account’s context menu in list of account, and choose Configure from command bar (another way to open account configuration is from Menu → Configuration → Accounts and folders, and choosing account to configure).

In the account configuration dialog, you can set these items:

Account name

This is name shown in ProfiMail.

Email address

Email associated with account, used to send messages.

Your name

Name shown in sent messages.


Icon shown in ProfiMail in various lists.


Color of account, shown in some places with restricted space (e.g. in Combined folder).

Incoming and Outgoing mail server

Expanding these items allow to setup or edit server settings.

Server name

Address of server.

Server type and Port

Type of server (IMAP or POP3), and port. The port is set automatically, and in most cases you don’t need to change it.

Username / Password

Login data to access mail on the server.

Test settings

There is Test button at end of account settings, which allows to verify if entered settings are correct for accessing your mail server.

Advanced settings

Here you can configure various details of the account, including mail checking mode, and other settings which meaning is described in the configuration dialog.


This allows to edit identities associated with this mail account.

Auto-configuration of settings

When setting a new mail account, you just enter email address and password, and ProfiMail finds best working settings to access your mail server. You can also change server type (IMAP/POP3) only when creating new account. Editing existing account doesn’t allow to change server type.