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Mail folders are containers that keep email messages. Folders exist within an Account.


Folders may have their specialization:


This is main folder, present in each account. This is where incoming messages are received.


Folder where sent messages are saved.


Used to keep deleted messages. Deleted messages from other folders may be moved here.
If Trash folder is used is defined in Account preferences.
Note: messages from Drafts and Spam special folders are never moved to Trash.


Folder where composed, but not yet sent messages may be stored.


Used to hold spam. ProfiMail doesn’t have dedicated spam filter, however spam may be detected on mail server, or using Rules.
Spam folder have these characteristics:
– deleted messages are not moved to Trash folder
– message bodies are not automatically downloaded

Important, Favorite

User-defined flags to mark special-purpose folder.
This may be useful when selecting which special folders to update automatically.

There are also folders without specialization.

Most specialized folder types allow only one of its kind to be defined per account (Trash, Draft, etc), but Important and Favorite types may be set on multiple folders.

Server or local folders

There are folders present on mail server, and folders that are created only locally on device in ProfiMail. Server folders are drawn with yellow icon, and local folders are drawn with blue icon.

Local folders may hold only messages present locally on device. Such messages are not associated with any message on mail server. Only their local copy on device exists.

Server folders may hold both local messages, as well as server-synchronized messages, that is messages of which state is synchronized with messages on the mail server.


Each folder may have some configurable preferences, which are set in Folder preferences.