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Certificate manager

This is simple dialog that allows view, import or delete private and public certificates.

Each time it contains one type of certificates (public with green icons or private with red icons), and allows to display other type of certificates from menu.

The manager provides these functions:

  • displays list of all saved certificates, where one entry shows simple certificate name, and associated email address for which the certificate is intended
  • upon clicking, a detailed view of certificate is shown
  • importing messages from file (for supported file formats, see Cryptography keys)
  • deleting certificates

For private certificates, these additional functions are possible:

  • viewing other certificates chained in hierarchy up to certificate authority certificate
  • assigning private key to accounts

Assigning private certificate to account

This may be done in two possible ways:

  1. Directly in Certificate manager by clicking context menu of private certificate, and checking accounts where this certificate will be used.
  2. In Account editor, in Advanced settings. Here you can assign certificate to account. Note: only certificates that match email address of edited account will be listed here. If there are not matching certificates imported in the Certificate manager, you won’t see option to assign some certificate to account.

Assigning public certificate to contact

There is no setting for this, and just importing public certificate into Certificate manager will make this public certificate to work for contact with matching email address. So there comes also limitation, that there may be only one public certificate imported for certain email address.