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Identity is used when sending messages to identify sender. This is mainly your email address and name, configured in account preferences.

Occasionally it is desired to identify yourself in sent messages under different name or email, or also override other identification fields.

For this reason, there is support for Multiple identities in ProfiMail.

Multiple identities

Each account has primary identity, and allows to define additional identities. The setting is done in account preferences by using Identities button.

Editing identities

Editor for Account’s additional identities is simple list, which allows to see defined identities, add new ones or delete existing identities.

Each identity must have defined at least email address. Another fields are optional:

  • name
  • reply-to email address

Selecting and using identity

Selecting different identity is useful when sending message. You can choose Identity to use in the message composer, in the Account sub-menu.
When you send the message, the sender email address, name, and reply-to filed will be filled from selected identity.