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Rules editor

The Rules editor shows single list of all Rules. It allows to create new Rules, and delete or edit existing Rules.

Rule editor may be accessed from Account list, from Menu → Tools.

Each Rule has name, which is used for purpose to identify Rule – know in short what is the Rule used for.

List of Rules

The list shows all defined Rules, one line for each entry.

Rule entry shows summary of conditions and actions.

Clicking context button on Rule entry offers functions:

  • Enable or disable Rule
  • Choose Accounts for which Rule will work
  • Rename Rule
  • Delete Rule
  • Change order of Rule in list of Rules (this is available only if more than one Rules are defined)

Creating new Rule

To create new Rule, click New button at command bar. This offers two options:

  • Create blank Rule with initially no conditions and no actions
  • Create new Rule from predefined template

After choosing this, give new Rule a name, and it will be created at end of the list.

Editing rule

Clicking the Rule expands it, and all its conditions and actions appear in the list.

Conditions block

First is Conditions block with a command bar that allows to add new conditions, and define general function of conditions – logical operator among conditions, and if all messages are checked (thus no conditions are defined).

Conditions block contain list of defined conditions.

Clicking context button on Condition entry shows menu with these functions:

  • Delete condition
  • Change order of Condition in list of Condition (this is available only if more than one conditions are defined)

Clicking a Condition opens a dialog where Condition is edited. The dialog allows all parameters of Condition to be entered.

Group condition

Group of conditions allows to define Nested logical groups of conditions. Such group have own logical operator among its conditions.

To create group of nested conditions, mark two or more conditions (clicking their context button on right), and from menu that appears choose Group button. Then select logical operator that will apply in new group, and the group with marked conditions will be created.

Actions block

The Actions block has also a command bar that allows to add new actions.

Actions block contain list of defined actions.

Clicking context button on Action entry shows menu with these functions:

  • Delete action
  • Change order of Condition in list of Condition (this is available only if more than one actions are defined)

Clicking on Action opens a dialog where Action is edited. The dialog allows all parameters of Action to be entered.

Rules match preview

It is possible to show a preview of one folder, where matches of edited Rules will be shown. This is useful tool for creating valid Rule and seeing which messages would be affected by Rule.

Rules preview creates a command bar with Enable button. When enabled, it will show a list of messages from one folder. This folder may be changed to other folder as needed.

Messages for which a matching Rule(s) is found will be marked by Rule icon and name of Rule(s) for which match was found.

There are two modes of matching:

  1. All Rules are checked – this is when no Rule in Rule editor is expanded (this is useful for seeing which all Rules may apply to message). This takes into account enabled/disabled state of Rules, and Accounts which are enabled in the Rule.
  2. Single Rule is checked – this is when one Rule is expanded in Rule editor (this is useful while editing Rule, to see if this one Rule will match that message). This ignores if Rule is enabled/disabled, as well as enabled Accounts, and only conditions are tested against previewed messages.

Message in Rule preview list may be marked, and offers Details function. This way you may check in detail desired parameters of message (including headers on server) while creating Rule conditions.

ⓘ The preview list does not make any changes to messages.