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Checking mail

There are various ways how to check for new mail in ProfiMail. This page covers possible options.

Manual mail check

There is Refresh button in various parts of ProfiMail user interface, which allows to check mail in actual context.

Also there is an Update accounts button at bottom of Account list that is used to perform manual mail check.

Automatic mail check

ⓘ Any kind of automatic mail check works only in Online mode. If you switch ProfiMail to offline mode, mail will not be checked automatically.

Background mail checking for selected accounts

In Account preferences, it is possible to enable Automatic mail check. When enabled, mail is checked automatically for INBOX folder of given account.

There are two main modes how mail can be checked:

  1. Polling in regular intervals
    INBOX will be updated in given intervals.
  2. Permanent connection to mail server
    Permanent connection to server is initiated, and changes to mailbox are reflected immediately on device (permanent connection uses IMAP IDLE functionality, and requires IMAP server that supports IDLE connections)

Automatically updating other folders

It is possible to periodically updated other selected folders on IMAP server. Selected folders are checked by polling (there is no Push mail function for these), and by default these are updated less frequently than INBOX folder (however, this is configurable).

The folders to update this way are selected by their specialization, and all selected specialized folders are updated at same frequency.

Updating by Widgets

Home screen widgets are another powerful way how to update mail folders. Updating of widget works independently from account updating described in previous section, and supports scheduled updating or Push mail connection to any IMAP folder.