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Configuration dialog offers variety of options for configuring ProfiMail. Some entries in configuration are expandable, after expanding, their child configuration entries are displayed.


This option enabled or disabled all notifications. When enabled, the entry may be expanded, and more options appear.
Also, when it is expanded, a testing notification appears in notification bar.

In Status bar

Enabled notification shown in device’s status bar when new mail arrives.

LED color

Allows to set color for LED notifications.
Note: some devices may not have LED notification light. Some devices may have LED of single color. On the devices that support it, this LED color will be used for LED flashing.
Note: notification LED on Android starts flashing only when device’s screen is off at the time when notification is shown. So it may be hard for you to preview the color until real new mail notification happens with screen off.


Vibrate when new mail arrives.
This setting respects Quiet hours.

Notification sound

This configures ProfiMail’s global Notification sound.


Allows you to set volume of notification sounds played by ProfiMail. This volume is relative to device’s notification volume. So primary mean of setting notification volume is done in device’s audio settings. This setting can make the volume more quiet.

Subtle notification

When enabled, it causes to play quiet sound and vibration when ProfiMail is active, and normal notification if it runs in background.

Quiet hours

When enabled, ProfiMail will not play any sound notifications or vibrations in given time range of day. This is intended for making ProfiMail quiet during night.

Portrait layout


Landscape layout

Selector of Screen layout for portrait or landscape screen orientation.

Show Combined folder

Show or hide Combined folder in the Account list.

Rich text editor

Enables or disables use of Rich text editor in message Composer.

Dark theme

Using dark theme in ProfiMail screens.

Check mail on start

Check mail when ProfiMail is started. This works same as pressing Refresh all button.

Data on SD card

If checked, this will make data files (large database with message headers, bodies) stored on external device memory. This is called “SD card” for historical reasons, however on some devices this is just another internal mass memory, while on others this is real SD card.
Checking this option makes sense only if your device have limited internal memory. Most new devices have this rather unlimited, so it’s OK to leave this setting unchecked, and you’ll get more reliable, faster and safer place to keep your data. But in case that you have one of those devices that have very limited space in internal memory, you may need to check this option.

Font scale

Font scale to be used in ProfiMail. This value is multiplied with font size set in Android system settings.

Advanced options

This part enables setting of advanced features.
Here is help for some of the options:

  • Language Allows to select language used in ProfiMail. If set to Default, then device language will be used, if such localization is present in ProfiMail. If set to other language, ProfiMail will be in that language regardless of what is device’s language set to.
  • Data usage mode
    Configures how much data will be preloaded from mail server. This way, it is possible to configure ProfiMail to transfer minimum of data in Minimal mode, and download rest of data when needed. Or it may be set to download all data in Maximal mode, so that data are available without waiting for further download. Finally, Automatic mode switches between previous two depending on if there’s WiFi or Mobile connection currently active.
  • IMAP IDLE ping time Allows to tune how often push-mail connection is pinged to keep it alive.