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Message list

The message list shows a collection of messages from one or more folders. The source for message list may be one of these:

Each of these sources produce a list of messages that are shown here.

Operations made on entire list are at command bar located at top of screen (such as search, sort, etc).
Operations made on one or more messages are located on another command bar located below message list.

Messages are sorted by active sorting mode.

Message entry

Single message entry may display following information:

  • Sender’s name or email
  • Sender’s icon (photo if sender’s email is found in contacts, and there is photo associated with contact, or generic icon if email is in contacts but there’s no photo)
  • Subject
  • Date and time when message was sent or received
  • Size of message (including attachments)
  • Message icon, showing state of message (read/attachments/starred/draft/etc)
  • Color of message’s account on left (shown only if there are multiple folders shown in the list)
  • Expand/collapse button and icon on left (shown only if message is part of conversation thread)
  • multi-selection button on right, by which multiple messages may be marked


Multiple messages may be selected at once by clicking (and dragging) selection icon at right side of message entry. When there is multi-selection, a command bar changes to show number of selected messages, and operations allowed on these.

Select all messages

…by using menu Mark → All

Clear selection

…by clicking leftmost button on multi-select command bar

Message preview

There’s a preview of single active message. It may be located below or to right of message list (depending on screen size and orientation).

Message preview may be shown or hidden. Hiding it may be useful when you want to see more of messages in the list (on a smaller screen).

Message preview options

Message shown in the preview may be zoomed in/out (by using multi-touch gesture).

The preview has also Options button located at top-right corner of its area. When pressed, several options appear at title command bar:

  • Zoom in/out (by using buttons)
  • Search in message text shown in the preview
  • Options related to message preview