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Account list

The list of accounts is initial entry point of ProfiMail user interface.

This list shows all enabled accounts. Each account is expandable by clicking arrow on the left side. Upon expanding, account’s folders are shown below account entry in the list.

Clicking a folder opens a Message list with all messages downloaded for given folder.


A folder named INBOX is always first in the folder list. This is the folder where incoming messages are being stored. Another folders may follow, either those present on mail server (in case of IMAP account), or locally defined folders.

Some folders may contain another folders. In such case, folder has expand arrow on left side, same like shown for account. This allows expanding/collapsing folder hierarchy.

Folder synchronization

Folders are automatically synchronized with server folders when account is checked for new mail. Folders that are no longer present on mail server are removed from device, while new folders that appear on mail server are created on device.