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Deleting messages

It is possible to delete single message, or multiple marked messages.

Here are some details about deleting behavior:

Deleting local messages

Local messages are deleted immediately.

Deleting messages from server

Messages stored on server are first marked as deleted (on device), and at later step there’s command sent to server which causes to delete these messages on server, and afterwards also from device.

Messages marked as deleted are also marked as hidden, so they usually disappear from Message list right after deleting, however they still exist on device, until delete command is sent to server. So it may be possible to undelete accidentally deleted messages before they get really deleted.

If you choose to show hidden messages in Message list, you will be able to see deleted messages, and possibly undelete them.

Committing deletion

When Message list is being closed (either when you navigate up to previous screen, or press Home button on device, or lock device), a command is sent to server to delete messages, after the command successfully finishes, messages are deleted from device too.

Using Trash

By default, ProfiMail is configured to use Trash folder of IMAP server. This means that there’s special folder on IMAP server which holds deleted messages.
When this is enabled, messages being deleted are actually moved to Trash folder, instead of being really deleted.

Note: POP3 accounts don’t allow to use Trash folder, so messages of POP3 accounts are deleted immediately.

Keeping messages on server

  • ProfiMail never deletes messages from server during or after downloading them.
  • When you delete messages in ProfiMail, they’re actually deleted on server soon.

Deleting on device, not on server?

Some users ask for feature to delete messages from device, and still keep them on mail server. This is not directly possible in ProfiMail.

The reason why deleting locally and not on server is not possible is that ProfiMail (or any other email client) must keep some track of messages that you intent to “delete” locally, so that it doesn’t download the message again from server later.

ProfiMail offers another feature that is similar to this: Hiding messages. This makes selected messages invisible, while still keeping track of them locally, so that they’re not downloaded again, and may be even resurrected (unhidden) when desired.