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Message composer

The composer is activity where messages are being written.

Composer screen is structured like this: (in portrait view, while in landscape view the layout is adjusted for wide screen)

To: recipients+  (Button to pick recipients from contacts)
Cc/Bcc: recipients+
Message text
Quoted text

Adding recipients

There are more ways how to add recipients.

  1. Start writing recipient’s name or email address, all matching contacts will be presented in a drop-down list
  2. Use + button at right side, and Find contact option to select recipient from Contacts
  3. Write complete email address and press space on keyboard

When valid recipient is added, a box will appear in recipient area with contact’s photo (if found), name and email. Then you can click this box to get possibility to remove recipient, edit the email address, view contact, etc.

Initially, only To: recipient field is present. To add fields Cc: or Bcc, click + button at right side of To: field and add these.

Message text

This is field for actual text that you’re writing. You may use rich text.

Although this is visually connected with Attachments and Quoted text, you can’t alter content of these parts of messages during writing message. (Yet it’s still possible if you really wish)


Here you will see content of inserted Signature. This is non-editable part of message body. With button on right side, you can do more with the signature, such as remove it, replace by other signature, or make the signature part of editable message body, so that you can alter it.

Quoted text

Quoted text is part of message taken from original message during replying or forwarding.
This part is not editable. You can also decide if you want to include the quoted text in your replied/forwarded message.
If you really wish, you can make the quoted text part of your editable message text, and alter its content.

Changing message’s account

The message is set up to be sent from particular account. Assuming that you have more than one account defined, you can change the account from which message is sent.

Using different identity

If you have defined multiple Identities for some account, then you can select sending identity in same menu as you choose sending account. In this menu, for accounts which have defined multiple identities there is another sub-menu with all defined identities, so that you can choose which identity you want to use for sending the message.

Sending message

On order to send message, at least one recipient need to be added in one of To, Cc or Bcc fields.

You can consider this as safety feature against accidental sending of message. Also, you can setup several options prior to sending message:

  • Use plain text will force the message to be sent in plain text, without rich text formatting
  • Save sent message option to control if this message should be saved in Sent folder
  • Sign message option is available if sending account has private certificate for message digital signing
  • Encrypt message option is available if message recipients have public certificates, so that message may be encrypted

Additionally, this sub-menu will verify if basic condition is met: some recipient was added. If not, you’ll have to return back and add some. And there will be also warning if message has no Subject.

If all is fine, confirm sending by Send now menu item.

Saving draft message

You can save edited message as draft by clicking back button. The message will be saved in Draft folder of its account, and if configured, it will be uploaded to server.

You can continue to edit draft messages later, or delete them without sending.