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Send Anywhere

This service was removed from X-plore in version 4.14.

Send Anywhere is an amazing file sharing service hosted at Send Anywhere adds a very simple way to share files across many platforms (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, in Web, etc). You just send a file from one device, and download it from other. All that is needed is a code (6 or 8 characters long). You must begin the transfer within 10 minutes, then the transfer expires. ==== What you can share and where ==== From inside X-plore, you can send files out, and download them on any device where Send Anywhere compatible app is installed, or directly from any web browser. You can also send files to X-plore from any device, and download then from inside X-plore. The transfer happens directly between devices with optimal path. Both devices need to be connected to Internet, and normal network data are usually consumed. ==== Security ==== The files are not stored anywhere, and do not travel through any remote server. File are sent directly between two devices over secure connection. The sharing is very simple, however it comes at cost of security. There is a very tiny chance that someone else may guess the pin code and download your file before intended recipient downloads it.
So simply don't use this to transfer super-secret files. For typical files that most people send (images, music, video), this service is very suitable. Once the transfer starts, it is secure, nobody else can download or see transferred files.
You can still cancel outgoing and incoming file transfers while they are in progress. ==== Sending files ==== To send files out, simply copy some files to Send Anywhere folder in X-plore. You may copy multiple files, or even entire folder. After copying files in, they'll be prepared for upload, and shortly a key will be displayed. If you copy multiple files, they will be sent together in one transfer. When clicking on the item representing the upload, a dialog will show key as well as QR code which you can scan on another device. ==== Receiving files ==== To receive files, click on Receive files button. Here you can enter a code for files that someone send you, or scan bar code containing the code. Afterwards, copying will begin in background with progress shown in status bar. You will be notified when receiving finishes. Received files are placed into the Send anywhere folder, where you can open then, and possibly save to other location. Or delete, rename, whatever you do on files. Received files are stored in device's mass memory in X-plore's private folder. When you uninstall X-plore, all files in this folder will be removed.

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