Disk Map – Storage Analyzer

This is a tool to view which files occupy most space on your device storage.

Additionally it allows to see which apps consume most memory.

Clean your device storage

Storage Analyzer is a tool that can find largest files and folders in your device’s internal storage, and identify which apps consume most storage.

The app contains two main tools:

Internal storage analyzer

All files and folders in storage are sorted by their size in hierarchical way. Folders show computed size of all files inside of them, files show their own size.

Each column in displayed map represents one hierarchy level (depth) of folders. There is variable amount of rows in each column, each representing folder or file, the height of such box means consumed size.

App analyzer

Application reads information about all installed apps on device, and shows sorted list, showing which apps consume most memory. Additionally, user can open system settings, clear app cache, see the app in Play store, or uninstall the app.