ProfiMail is a powerful email client for mobile devices.

It allows you to read your mail on the go, and send text with attachments directly from your device.

Popular email client now for Android

ProfiMail Go is a complete rework of once popular ProfiMail for Symbian and Windows Mobile systems, now exclusively for Android phones and tablets.
We have reworked every piece of ProfiMail to make it run natively on Android.

With years of experience in developing an email client for mobile devices, we listened to many requests which were asked many times, but could not be incorporated into older version of ProfiMail.
With such amazing mobile operating system as Android, most of requests were possible, and we have added even more.

ProfiMail was commercial app for few years, now it’s offered for free with all functionality.
We hope that you find this email client useful for your needs.

You can also download it directly:



Licensing information

ProfiMail Go is freeware. Use it as you wish. Unfortunately we provide just minimal support, and don’t further develop this app.