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X-plore privacy policy

X-plore does not collect user's private information, such as Google username, accounts, etc, except of for functionality provided by application.
X-plore does not show ads.
X-plore does not access or use device location.

X-plore can:

  • read/write/delete in device's internal or external memory
  • send or receive data over Internet (as result of user interaction with the app)
  • play music or video
  • and provide all the functions as described on X-plore website

Login details to network services

Since X-plore allows connecting to various Interned services such as FTP, Google Drive, etc, the app may ask user for login details (username and password).
For services where this is possible, X-plore uses OAuth method of logging, where service's own web page is used to get access token, and X-plore doesn't keep login details at all.
For services where this is not possible (such as FTP), X-plore stores login details in its private configuration file (not accessible by other apps) in encrypted form, so that password is not readable even on rooted device.

Explanation of needed permissions

X-plore requests following permissions for given purpose:

  • Internet - access to network file servers, and other network-related functionality
  • Access/change WiFi state - for providing WiFi sharing function
  • Read/write external storage - for file management
  • In-app purchases - to allow donations
  • Identity - to get Google accounts for Google services (Drive and Picasa)
  • Prevent device from sleeping - for proper work of long-lasting operations

Crash reports

When X-plore crashes, it allows user to sent crash report, which is very valuable tool for developer of X-plore to fix problems and make the app better.

Crash reports are stored on developer's server for minimum needed time (about 1 month), and they are used solely for intended purpose to fix app problems.

Crash report contain following data:

  • date of posting
  • app version, android version
  • device model (name)
  • user's email (determined from primary Google account)
  • stack trace - actual information about the crash, which is typically up to 15 lines of locations into app's source code where the crash happened; this information doesn't store anything personal
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