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Hiding files

On Android, files or folders CAN'T be hidden the same way as you're used on desktop PC. That's because Android runs on Linux base, which has no hidden attribute for files or folders.

Many users, mainly coming from Symbian, expect to be able to hide some files same way as it's possible on Symbian or Windows. This won't work on Android.

Dot method

One convenience way of hiding files on Linux (and Android) is to put '.' (dot) in front of file name. This is respected in many file managers and galleries. To hide a file or folder this way, you need to rename your file/folder yourself - add dot in front of name.

Hiding in X-plore

Additionally to this, X-plore offers Hide function on local files, but it works only in X-plore. Such marked files are then shown as hidden in X-plore (or not shown, depending on your settings to see hidden files).


There is also another option for media files - if folder contains a file named .nomedia 1), then Android Media scanner won't scan media files in this folder and sub-folders, and media files stored here should not show in media players and galleries. “Should” is right word, because Android's Media scanner is buggy, and often won't notice adding/removing of this .nomedia file. Don't complain to X-plore, this is Media Scanner that manages visibility of media files to user.
X-plore adds/removes this .nomedia file for folders that you mark/unmark as hidden in X-plore. The rest is up to Android system to deal with it and show or not show media files in other apps.

1) this can be empty file
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