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Crashing Cyanogenmod devices

X-plore version 3.96, when installed on some devices with alternative Cyanogenmod 11/12 ROM, entire Android system can crash and device gets to boot loop.

Why it happens? X-plore now uses latest Android development tools, and these apparently brought some compatibility problem with some ROMs, most likely that's older Cyanogenmod. Simply installing app crashes some system component, even before X-plore has chance to start, so it's not something that could be fixed in X-plore.
There is a bug report sent to Google so that they can fix it. You may click star in the bug report, raising its importance.

There is no way for X-plore to use older Android developer tools, so we shall wait if Google fixes this.

How to recover your device

If you got to situation with crashing device after installing X-plore, you can recover it by more ways:

  • If you have enabled USB debugging, connect to device using adb shell and type pm uninstall com.lonelycatgames.Xplore command
  • If you have custom recovery on your device (such as TWRP), enter recovery mode, open file manager and delete folder /data/app/com.lonelycatgames.Xplore-1
  • You can restore from system backup
  • You can possibly factory-reset your device from boot menu (depends on device)

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