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ProfiMail allows to insert smileys in message composer thanks to rich text editor.

Custom smiley pack

There's predefined pack of smileys included. However, it is possible to use add-on smiley pack.

The folder where smiley packs may be stored on device is:


You can store your own created or downloaded smileys pack there.

Example smiley pack

You can get example add-on smiley pack HERE (Yahoo! mail smileys). Download it, save on device to location mentioned above (copy entire Zip, do not extract from it), and ProfiMail will use it.

Smiley pack structure

If you want to experiment and create your own smiley pack, here is structure of it.
It is a ZIP file, with text file smileys.txt inside, and associated image files in PNG or GIF format. The smileys.txt has one smiley defined per line, with smiley's text code - such as :‐) followed by space, and followed by file name of image (stored in the ZIP) representing the smiley.

:) happy.gif
:( sad.gif

Best is to download example smiley pack mentioned above, and look inside how it is done.

Note: in case of animated GIF images, these are not animated in menu and in message composer, but they are animated in mail that you send.

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