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 +===== Screen layout =====
 +As ProfiMail may be run on devices with various screen sizes, it offers two main screen modes.\\
 +This layout mode is mainly applied to [[.:activity:account_list|Account list]], which is primary entry screen of ProfiMail.
 +==== Single pane ====
 +In this mode, screen will show single activity at a time, for example list of accounts, list of messages, etc.\\
 +This is usable for smaller screens.
 +==== Multi pane ====
 +In this mode, screen will be split to parts, each showing different activity.
 +This is intended for larger screens.
 +==== Which one is used ====
 +The layout is either chosen automatically depending on available screen width, or may be set in [[.:config|Configuration]].
 +There are two independent settings for screen in portrait mode, and screen in landscape mode, since available screen width depends on screen orientation.