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Import settings

Importing settings allows to import all settings from a saved file. This operation will completely remove all defined accounts, messages, signatures and configuration, and replace it from imported file.

Select file to import

During import, you're prompted to select file with saved settings in a file manager. After selection, actual import happens.

Importing settings from older ProfiMail 3.x

ProfiMail recognizes exported files saved in current major version 4.xx, as well as files exported by legacy version 3.56 or lower.

When importing settings from previous ProfiMail 3.x, you have to be careful about file format. While ProfiMail Go exported settings file have .zip extension, ProfiMail 3.x exported settings have .profimail extension.

So during importing, assuming X-plore is installed and used, follow these steps:

  1. disable filter for Zip files
  2. mark the settings file
  3. click OK at bottom of screen to confirm selection

Then the settings are picked and imported.

Note: when importing settings from legacy ProfiMail 3.x, Rules are not imported.

See also: Export settings, Import messages

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