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Logging of network traffic

The logging is used for debugging connection problems.
Created log files are sent to developer for checking and possibly fixing problems in ProfiMail.

:info: The network log does not contain any passwords used to login to your mail server. It may contain server name and network communication with server generated since time when logging was enabled.

How to enable logging of network traffic in ProfiMail

1. Start ProfiMail, and from Menu select About

2. Long-press on icon on top left corner, a virtual keyboard will appear

3. Type log on virtual keyboard

When successfully enabled, ProfiMail will write confirmation message and will return back to Accounts menu.

:info: Enabling logging automatically switches ProfiMail to Offline mode, so that we capture only the network traffic that we need.

Generate logged data

To create log file, do some operation with your mail accounts (possibly as requested by LCG in order to find reason of a problem).

View log file

To see logged data, open Menu from Account list screen.

Then you get dialog with logged data:

You can then Save the log file to a file (X-plore must be installed for this to work), or you can Send logged data to us for examination. In later case, the log file will be sent to LCG server, along with UUID for identification of device.

Disable logging

Logging is disabled automatically when log file is sent.
To disable logging without sending the log file, repeat same procedure as for enabling the logging.

Privacy and security

Generated log file is deleted from device when logging is disabled or when it is sent.
There are no account passwords stored in the log file.
LCG uses the logged data solely for checking possible bugs. Log files are deleted from our database as soon as possible.

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