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Folders visibility

ProfiMail allows to select which folders will be displayed in Account list. There may be lots of folders on mail server, and visibility settings allows to define which folders or folder hierarchy will be shown.

Folder's visibility may have these values:

  • Visible - folder will be shown
  • Hidden - folder won't be shown, if it has sub-folders, their visibility setting will define if they will be shown
  • Hidden tree - this folder and all its sub-folders will be hidden

This allows fine definition of which folders will be shown, even if there is complex folder tree hierarchy.

Another bonus feature of the Folders visibility dialog is possibility to set Folder options by clicking on a folder entry in the list.

Editing visibility

Folders visibility is set in a dialog, invoked in Account's context menu → Folders → Folders visibility. This will show a dialog with all account's folders. At right side of folder entry is a context menu button, and indication of current visibility mode by an icon.

Note: INBOX folder can't be hidden.

Folders visibility vs IMAP folders subscriptions

IMAP protocol offers feature to subscribe to folders. So why ProfiMail defines its own visibility mechanism and doesn't utilize subscription functionality of IMAP server?
Main reasons is that the information about subscribed folders is kept on IMAP server, and is shared among all email clients connecting to mail account, thus it would not be possible to setup different folder visibility for various email clients.
Also, ProfiMail may have local folders (not present on server), for which visibility may be configured too.

But ProfiMail utilizes folder subscription set on IMAP server when it discovers new folder on IMAP server. Then the folder is initially visible or hidden depending on if it is currently “subscribed to” on IMAP server.

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