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 +===== Context menu =====
 +Context menu is available in several places where list of entries is shown, such as [[profimail:activity:account_list|Account list]], [[profimail:activity:signature_editor|Signatures]], [[profimail:activity:rules_editor|Rules]], etc.
 +{{ :profimail:context_menu.png?nolink|}}
 +The context menu is invoked when clicking single item at right side on a small triangle. After clicking, a menu will appear at top of screen, offering possible operations on the entry.
 +The menu is dismissed by:\\
 +- clicking on same location\\
 +- clicking button at left side of context menu\\
 +- choosing item from context menu
 +=== Overflow button ===
 +If buttons for possible operations don't fit into context menu, an overflow button is added at right of context menu. When clicked, it will show drop-down menu with more available functions.