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Beta version

ProfiMail Go is in beta phase now. Many features work, something still has to be added, and problems are expected in various places.

Version numbering

While ProfiMail Go release will have version 4.xx, the beta version has numbering 3.99.xx, so that it is not later confused with final version.
We start beta version as 3.99.00, and will increase last 2 digits up as new beta versions are released.

Release date of final version

Plans are to keep polishing the application until March or April 2013. Then it's planned to be available for download and purchase on Google Play store and Lonely Cat Games web site. Free version will remain as written here.



Get involved

This beta version is available for public. You're welcome to give it a try, and post your feedback on Beta version forum.

Send crashes

When the app crashes, don't hesitate to send crash report. These are very helpful for fixing bug without asking you too much questions.

Planned features

Following is not yet there, but is considered:

  • Rules
  • Notifications:
    • Showing status of connected folders
  • Widget:
    • Showing status of connected folders

See also

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