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Home screen widget

Widget is a small element placed on device's Home screen. ProfiMail widget shows list of messages in selected folders.

Widget contains top bar with following clickable elements:

Buttons may be hidden as desired, set this in Widget Configuration.

Top bar

Additionally, widget's top bar shows number of messages displayed, and last time when all folders were successfully synchronized with server. This time reflects time when displayed folders were updated either from widget, or other way (for example from opened ProfiMail).

Adding widget

To add widget, use standard way to place widgets on Home screen (this varies among various Android versions).

Once you drag ProfiMail widget to home screen, you'll get configuration dialog. The configuration is split to two parts.

Configure folders to be shown

Mark one or more folders, which will be presented in the widget.
Then click Next button.

Configure other options

In second step, you can configure other options of widget:

After you're done, click OK button, and widget will be finally added.

Configuring existing widget

You can change configuration of existing widget anytime. Just press configuration button in the widget, and you'll get same configuration dialog as when adding new widget.

You can have multiple widgets on Home screen, each showing different data.

Note: ProfiMail Home screen widget is available only on devices running Android 3.0 or higher. 4)

Updating mail in widget's folders

The widget always shows fresh messages in its view, regardless on how the folders are updated. The folders may be updated either by widget, or by other way. See more in Checking mail.

Working with messages

Messages may be clicked to open the message in Message viewer.

Additionally it is possible to mark one or more messages in widget by clicking in right corner. This makes a multi-selection, top bar changes to show number of marked messages, and two possible operations:

Clicking leftmost button in top bar in multi-selection mode causes the selection be cleared.

1) If you hide Configure button, you won't be able to further configure the widget, you may then only remove it and add new one.
2) if IMAP server supports that
3) If this option is enabled, then Check mail button won't be shown
4) Due to using scrolling list of messages, which is not available on older devices.