SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile phone,
with a counterpart converter utility for the PC.

With the converter, you may prepare any video
clip for optimal playback on your mobile phone.

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SmartMovie for Symbian
is freeware.


SmartMovie for Symbian S60 2nd edition
is freeware.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer the converted video to the phone?

Answer: There're several ways to do this:

  • If you have an Infrared port or Bluetooth software installed, you may find the file in the Windows Explorer, right-click with the mouse and select the "Send To... " option, then choose the destination, usually named "Bluetooth" or "Nearby computer". After the transfer, the file will appear in phone as a message which you can click on.
  • You may use memory card reader/writer to write the video file onto the memory card. By the way this is the fastest way.
  • Use the software which came with your phone (e.g. PC Suite) or third-party software to upload the file onto your device.

Why converted file doesn't play on device? I get error "no codec for video format XXX".

Answer: This happens when you try to play a video using codec not available for mobile player. You may need to reconvert the video using SmartMovie Converter.

What are codecs and how do I setup them?

Answer: Codecs are Windows system components on PC. Typically they're 3rd party extension to multimedia system, which allow multimedia applications to work with particular video or audio format. You can learn more about codecs and supported video formats, where to get them, how to setup them on separate page.

How can I convert DVD using SmartMovie Converter?

Answer: Yes, there's way how to convert DVD movies for playback on mobile device. See this in separate article.