Slick is a messenger application for mobile phones.
It allows you to chat with your friends connected though
various online messaging applications.
Currently it is still in development, beta version
is available for free for public testing.

How to enable logging of network traffic in Slick:

1. Start Slick, and from Menu select About.

2. Activate logging by pressing keys '1', '2', '3'.

3. When successfully enabled, Slick will return back to Main screen.

Then all active protocols will be reconnected, or you can now enable protocol which you want to log.
More protocols can be enabled at same time, for all enabled will be created one log file.
The log file is written to root of drive where Slick is installed (C:, D: or E:)
The file name is: Slick_msn.pcap (or similar for other protocols).

To disable logging just restart Slick.

The logfile is cleared when initializing protocol connection, so there's only one protocol session always logged.

User's password is NOT stored in log files.
You can also upload the log file to PC, or send it by email.