ProfiMail is a powerful email client for mobile devices.
It allows you to read your mail on the go, and send text with
attachments directly from your device.
Send photos, recorded sound or simply text messages
to friends, from anywhere.

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ProfiMail for Symbian S60 2nd edition
is now freeware.


ProfiMail for Windows Mobile
is now freeware.

How to enable logging of network traffic in ProfiMail:

1. Start ProfiMail, and from Menu select About.

2. Activate logging:
Press key on keypad: '1', '2', '3'.
If your device doesn't have keyboard (a device with touchscreen), click left top corner of logo 3 times to invoke virtual keyboard. Then use virtual keyboard to write 123.

3. When successfully enabled, ProfiMail will return back to Accounts menu.

Then you can start working with mail. All network activity is logged into file located at:
C:\ProfiMailLog.txt (on Symbian)
/sdcard/ProfiMailLog.txt (on Android)

To disable logging:
- either repeat procedure in point 2,
- or restart ProfiMail.

The logfile is cleared before each connection to server, so you can have only last connection logged in it.

The log file is displayed when connection is closed. You can also upload the file (ProfiMailLog.txt) to PC, or send it by email.

Note: if you're sending the log file from ProfiMail as attachment, disable logging prior to sending, otherwise it would be overwritten during sending.