Mau Mau

Mau Mau

Mau Mau is a classic card game on your mobile phone screen
for two to four players.

The game is played against three AI opponents,
so that a total of four players can participate in the game.

About Game Rules


Mau Mau is a card game frequently played in Germany. It's usually for two players, though you can have as many as five or six. It uses two 52 card decks with all four suits, 104 cards in total.

Mau Mau is an easy game without any major tactics that are essential for winning.
The aim is to be the first to get rid of the cards in your hand. Like most other card games Mau Mau starts with...


One of the players is the dealer. Every player, including the dealer, gets an appropriate amount of seven cards. A couple of cards, those that remain from dealing, form the stock, which are placed face down.
The top card of the stock is turned open as the bottom card of a new pile.


The player sitting next to the dealer begins. He takes a card of his hand to put it on the open pile. This card must be either of the same suit or the same value.
As some cards are special he may have to react on special demands. The special cards are:


The next player has to pick up 2 cards or play another 7 himself. Then the next player would have to deal 2 or play a 7.


The next player is skipped or play another 8 himself. Then the next player would be skipped instead or play an 8.


Jacks of any suit can be played on any card, except another Jack. The player also chooses next suit which will be played. Jack played as last card doubles the scores.


When an Ace is played, the direction of play is reversed and remains that way until another reverse occurs.
If the first card of the game is an ace, then play proceeds counterclockwise with the person next to the dealer.

As soon as a player keeps only one remaining card, he has to announce 'Last card'. When he plays his last card, must say 'Mau'.
If the last card he plays is a Jack, he says 'Mau Mau'. If a player cannot play a card, because he hasn't got any card of either the appropriate suit or value, nor a Jack, then he has to deal one card from the stock. In case this card fits, he can play it, otherwise he takes the card, and game passes to the next player.


If any player has played his last card, the game is over.
The other players count the value of their cards according to the following list:

2-10actual value (2-10)

Jacks, played as last cards each double the scores.

The winner gets no points, the losers
their individual score as negative points.
When some player reaches 500 points,
he's removed from game.
The game is played until there's only last player with score less than 500, which becomes absolute winner of the game.